• PHP (good at both Object Orientated and Procedural) and PEAR.
  • Good understanding of MVC design pattern.
  • Developed applications using Yii & CodeIgnitor.
  • Good knowledge of Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.
  • Sound knowledge of MySQL & SQL Server triggers, functions and stored procedures.
  • Developed applications using Oracle 10g & MongoDB.
  • Developed applications using Solr.
  • Good knowledge of Nodejs,, Core Javascript & jQuery (a javaScript library) as well as its debugging.
  • Good knowledge of responsive html, html5 & css3.
  • Good knowledge of Photoshop & converting template from PSD to HTML.
  • Good knowledge of Flash & Flex with actionscript.
  • Knowledge to setup Apache, Nginx, PHP, Mysql & etc over Linux.
  • Practical experience with Version Control Systems such SVN, Git & Mecury.
  • Integration experience with Pay Pal, Protx, HSBC, Nochex, WorldPay, Bibit & IPay.

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